david o'mara

the point of disappearing part 2

all images on this site are (c) David O'Mara

This ongoing series is comprised of a wide range of photographic material which has been discarded or accidentally lost by its original owners. Of these prints, some were apparently judged inadequate and deliberately torn; others have been defaced since their abandonment and all bear the scars of their exposure to the urban environment. Each print encapsulates its own narrative of creation, loss and disfigurement, to which their present reinterpretation is merely the latest phase.


The important thing about these photographs is that they are no longer bearers of meaning but empty signifiers. All of the information they were supposed to capture has been lost either by the incompetence of the photographer or by exposure to the elements.

These photographs become part of the environment and subject to its reality. Dirt and damage are fundamental parts of this process as well as being carried on the wind, grafting the represented to the real and vice versa. The real exacts a harsh revenge on the photograph violently scratching, tearing and obliterating the image with dirt.