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My artistic practice is concerned with the unwanted and the rejected; I am fascinated by the visual detritus of the urban environment. Over the past decade I have been collecting the unwanted fragments that litter the streets of modern cities because I see the ubiquitous waste of the consumer society as the residue of an overburdened visual culture.


The rate at which visual images are generated has reached unprecedented levels, and the means of its projection permeates the very fabric of the urban environment. The sheer magnitude of this industry has exceeded the very perceptual capacities of the city dwellers, the target audience, while the incessant bombardment prevents all but a tiny volume to be consumed as intended. This has resulted in huge swathes of surplus material, disposable media generating endless streams of excess visual material for which there is no use-value.


The acknowledgement of this phenomenon precipitated a crisis in my own working practice, and I struggled to justify my activity when it would only contribute to this confusion of visual messages. This predicament has informed my interpretation of the found images which I continue to collect in the urban environment.



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Last month I had a photograph from the 'Erfrahung' included in 'Field Trip Magazine ~2'. The magazine is put together by Craig Atkinson whose imprint Cafe Royale Books produces lots of small edition publications.

Later in the month on the 19th I will also be taking part in Photofusion's 'Slide Show Slam' in association with Contact Editions. Ten photographers from Contact and ten photographers from Photofusion will have their work projected simulatneously  for the evening. I will be showing work in progress from the recently found negatives.

Print Edition and Magazine Launch Thursday 20th June 2013


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Edition for Claire de Rouen Books

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Claire de Rouen Books is pleased to announce the launch of the shop’s first edition of prints. The artist David O’Mara was invited to produce the series to be sold exclusively in the shop.


To coincide with the release of the edition, David will also be launching the fourth issue of the self-published magazine detritus from which the images are derived.


about the edition:


Hand printed photogram on Hahnemühle fine art fibre paper (40 x 20cm), signed and numbered on the reverse in an edition of 20. These prints are for sale at £40 each (icl. vat) exclusively from Claire de Rouen Books. Each print also comes with a copy of detritus A4.


about detritus:


detritus issue A4 is self-published as an edition of 100 signed and numbered copies, which will be for sale on the night and from this the Detritus webshop.


Claire de Rouen Books, First Floor, 125 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EW.Thursday 20 June 2013, 7.00-9.00pm. Please

artist’s statement:


A4-sized documents create a map of our lives that expand in all directions, not just our geophysical presence but our socio-economic footprints, our corporeal frailties and interpersonal relationships. It heralds both our very beginning and our exit with bureaucratic efficiency. We become both author and subject of paperwork that circulates between the institutions of our public and private selves.From the real to the imagined, everything crosses the proportions of A4. This is even truer of the pages I have found on the street. A ubiquitous feature of our urban environment, they lie stained, ripped and embossed by traffic. Rejected or misplaced, these documents litter the streets with unwanted and unneeded information, oblique fragments of life waiting to be pulped into the ground.I was reminded of an essay by Baudrillard in which he recounts a tale from J L Borges of a cartographer who attempts to create a map of an empire of such verisimilitude that it covers the territory with a document on a scale of 1:1. Central to the image is the concept of the real and its simulation, the confusion of the original for its copy. After the decline of the empire the map frays and disintegrates into the soil, creating a circularity of the real and the represented.

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